The Buckshots - Look Out Mama


  • 19 May, 2016

Jorgen started out the new century with a near death experience as his appendix broke open and he had a slipped disc in his spine, holding him to the bed for almost 2 years. To escape another bad relationship he fled to the Canary Islands where, on Christmas eve 2002, Mikael "Gustaf" Gustafsson calls on the cell screaming something about starting a rockabilly band, leaving Jorgen a bit confused trying to pin point who this drunken guy is. A few days later Gustaf calls again and Jorgen says "Alright, but only if Peter plays stand-up bass!".

Jorgen who hasn't played a rockabilly lick in 15 years started practice his guitar skills like a madman and a few weeks later the band rehearse for the first time. 3 weeks later they entered the stage - The Buckshots was born! The band was a smash from the start. No band around could rouse up the energy and madness these 3 guys threw at the audience from the stage. The bought a beat up van and started what would be a the RISE AND FALL OF A GREAT ROCKABILLY BAND.

Meanwhile - the Psychotic Youth makes a couple of appearances during the first decade of the new century and once again a quintet with Gunnar Frick on the organ: "I never was a bass player anyway..." The sole purpose of these few gigs is just to have a laugh, and the 20 years anniversary gig at Gothenburg club Sticky Fingers in December 2005 sees old and new band members - Jörgen, Gunnar, Kent, Nypon, Per Dahlberg, Crippa, Ulf and Charlie Claesson unite on stage for the encores. "I didn't make it to the rehearsals, so the gig was the first time the lineup with me, Jörgen, Nypon and Kent was in the same room since Nypon's last gig back in februari -93", says Gunnar. "And I suppose we all needed that break..."

As Psychotic Youth once again is laid to rest, Jorgen concentrates on his new rockabilly project The Buckshots - writing and recording two successful albums within 15 months, landing bigger and bigger venues, playing at all the big vintage festivals all over Scandinavia. After 200 shows the hectic schedule finally takes its toll, on all the members, and after the recording of their third and last album "3 Jacks High" the wear and tear on the band is noticed both on and off the stage. The members decides to call it quits while they're still friends. They withdraw everything from the bands bank account, fly to Spain and drank it all up in an x-rated week of shameless fun...

Jorgen, eager to move forward, records a solo album during the fall of 2008 only using computer programed instruments. No one notice the difference but Jorgen decides to scrap the album which has only been out a few weeks on digital online shops. Instead he decides to start a new solo carreer and puts out an ad where two guys answer. RED WEST & HOT RHYTHM is born!

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40 track live album now available at CDBaby for only $9.99!
Extended version of "Too Hot 2 Handle" available at CDBaby for only $6.99!
Extended version of "3 Jacks High" available at CDBaby for only $6.99!
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