Red West & Hot Rhythm - Born To Bop


  • 5 Aug, 2023

The year 2022 started with a collaboration with the friends in Kahuna Surfers which resulted in the EP SURF and a joint gig. SURF was named the best record of the year in the German magazine OX. This gave more flavor to the band and quickly they recorded the EP PUNK which they shared with local heroes in City Saints which also included people from SATOR, Troublemakers and Tom Waits Band. But before the album comes out, the band goes on a short German tour and rediscovers that Germany's scene hasn't changed since the 90s. Back home, there will be a joint gig with City Saints at the dying rock club Sticky Fingers in Gothenburg. In July, the Japanese label Waterslide collected all the EPs during 2021-2022 for the CD named A POW FROM THE NOW.

Summer 2022, everyone is free except Jörgen, who starts writing the upcoming album with only one interruption of a gig in support of the Cancer Foundation together with 2 other bands from the hometown of Kramfors, which gives SEK 10,000 to the memory of their friend and music store owner Bruce Emms, followed by a gig at Palatset in Linköpng during the autumn. Around Christmas, Jörgen presents the songs for the next album to the others in the band.

2023 begins with the recording of the new album interspersed with illnesses and regular civilian work. Recordings completed in mid-May and sent to demon mixer Christian Jacobsen in Norway. The single CAN THIS BE THE ONE is released and receives a standing ovation in, among other places, the United States. The Pump It Up festival invited the band and a gig in London took place in July. To be continued...

latest news 22-23

Best record of the year according to OX Magazine!
Split EP with local hereoes City Saints

videos 2022-2023

Psychotic Youth video The Beauty of Summer from the Ep SURF
Psychotic Youth video Kick Out from the Ep SURF
Psychotic Youth video Jag Ska Aldrig Do from the Ep PUNK